Shy Cheetah Cubs Are Given “Emotional Support” Dogs By Zoo To Overcome Anxiety

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Being one of the dangerous animals on the earth and the fastest does not you can’t be sensitive. That’s what cheetahs are! Actually, they can’t procreate or socialize, they even get so stressed and anxious!

Many studies show that they need help, so, they are now being helped by support dogs in many zoos! Species survival plan coordinator for cheetahs in North America, Jack Grisham who is also vice president of animal collections at the St. Louis Zoo, said that one species helps another species is a true love story!

An animal training supervisor at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, Janet Rose-Hinostroza, also said that keeping support dogs with cheetahs is really important for the wild cats as it helps in creating their personality! What do you think?! Watch the video below.

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