Smart Cat Alerts Mom Through The Baby Monitor That Infant Is In Danger.

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Smart Cat Alerts Mom Through The Baby Monitor That Infant Is In Danger.

Cats are very clever creatures. Some might think that these felines are lazy and all they do is eat, play, sleep, and sleep some more. Well, there is a bit of truth to that, but they are very smart animals. Anyone with a cat knows just how intelligent they can be!

Though there are times that they use that intelligence in all the hilarious ways, but we can’t deny how smart they are, really. Some cats know a skill or two. If you have a feline at home, for sure you too have noticed them do something that reminded you that they took their brains.

One cat has proven years ago that dogs are not the only main character in the animal world when it comes to heroic actions. These felines can be heroes too!

Years ago on the Oprah Winfrey Show, this couple shared the story of how their cat saved their baby’s life and it surely brought tears and smiles to those who love cats, and even to those who don’t.

As soon as they got married, Roy and Bernita Rogers knew that they wanted to start growing their family as soon as possible. Their goal is to have a large family. However, this did not come easy for the couple. They were disheartened after three pregnancies failed.

They thought that after tying the knot, it won’t be long until they have little ones running around the house. They were devastated and unsure of how to deal with such a life-altering moment in their married life.

Then, a tiny ray of light entered their life…

One time a stray cat wandered into their backyard. They did not hesitate to take the feline into their home. They soon named her “Midnight.”

They say that black cats bring bad luck. Well, not for the Rogers because just within a year of bringing Midnight into their home, the couple announced that they were pregnant!

Unlike her previous pregnancies, this was a healthy and successful one. Bernita gave birth to a little girl they named “Stacey.” They have been waiting for her for years and they vowed to keep her safe at all costs.

The couple is very protective over their girl. Every night they would place the baby monitor in her crib and would listen for any signs that she needs them. Also, Midnight became her guardian and would often look over the infant as she slept.

At 6 weeks old, Stacey got sick. They brought her to the doctor and was told that it was simply a head cold and that all she needed was rest and it would pass soon. One day, as Bernita was heading downstairs after putting Stacey to sleep, she trusted that Stacey would be alright soon. She went back to entertaining her parents who were visiting that afternoon.

Then all of a sudden, Midnight ran out of the room and jumped onto Bernita’s lap. She would do this over and over again, which seemed unusual of her.

Midnight was clearly telling her something, but Bernita didn’t mind. Not getting the attention that she needed, Midnight went upstairs into Stacey’s bedroom and started screeching into the baby monitor.

Now, he finally got the family’s attention!

The family ran upstairs, shocked to find Stacey turning blue in her crib and was gasping for breath. As it turned out, Stacey had gone into full respiratory failure.

They immediately rushed to the hospital and there, they were able to stabilize Stacey. She was saved. And incredibly, they all realized at that moment that it was Midnight who literally saved the little girl’s life.

Years later, Stacey is all grown up, knowing that the little black cat saved her life once upon a time.

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