Soldier And Senior Dog Reunited After 3 Months Apart

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Leaving home for a long time is hard for almost everyone, but leaving a pet during such a time is almost unbearable! The more we are away from each other every day, the more we miss our pets. You want your pet to be okay without you, but you want your pet to still miss you. When you come back and realize that they missed you too, your reunion will be even more special!

This was the case with Private Hannah Forraker of Cleveland, Ohio. Foraker left home and 13-year-old best friend Buddy to receive basic training in the US Army. She was away for three and a half months before being able to go home for two weeks for Christmas. “She was very old, suffering from arthritis and almost deaf,” said Foraker, “but I still remember her as a puppy.”

The Foraker and Buddy reunion is all Foraker could hope for! Buddy didn’t forget her. Buddy’s old age and health did not prevent him from running to his daughter. She missed Buddy as much as he missed her!

Foraker recalls, “We opened the front door and she ran out and greeted me and my family, but then did a double and came back to me.” Foraker knelt down to give Buddy his full attention. Foraker started talking to Buddy to tell him how much she missed him, as she kept stroking him because he couldn’t get enough of her. When she started talking, Buddy started crying!

Hanna was next to her good friend and put his head on her hip. She gave him a nice pat on her head, which makes him lift his head for a moment before putting it on top of her head again.

Buddy’s old age and health problems have slowed Buddy’s pace in recent years. So, according to Foraker’s parents, these two weeks have been great for Buddy. Forraker said, “My parents were amazed at how happy I was when I was at home.

Happiness isn’t just the first meeting. Buddy was excited every day when Hannah was home for vacation. Hannah gave Buddy back her friendly personality as well as her youthful energy.

“Usually, it is difficult to go up and down the stairs and the walking time is short, but I am very happy and active at home. She got up and did a happy dance,” explains Foraker.

Hannah Foraker’s vacation was just for vacation, but Buddy was engrossed in every moment. Buddy did not forget his friend even after three and a half months. When Hannah was asked how she felt about the reunion, she answered simply.

“It was amazing. I want to do it again.” said Poraker.

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