Strangers Come To The Aid Of A Wild Horse Trapped In A 6-Foot-Deep Swamp

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After becoming stuck in a deep muddy hole, a wild horse was given a second chance. Fortunately for the majestic creature, a group of volunteers came across it by chance and managed to set it free after much effort. An animal welfare organization captured the dramatic rescue on video and later shared it on Facebook.

Help Alberta Wildlife Society is a group whose mission is to “save and protect free roaming wild horses throughout Alberta’s Eastern Slopes of the Rocky Mountains.” As a result, volunteers from the organization patrol the region’s wilderness in search of any wild horses in need of assistance.

A baby young that was in danger after becoming caught in a muddy hole was recently treated in a remarkable way. The job wasn’t simple, despite the fact that these folks have a lot of expertise in rescuing wild horses. The animal is in terrible condition, mud covers more than 75% of its body, and ice surrounds it. However, the kind-hearted strangers were able to release the wild horse after combining their efforts and employing a number of different strategies.

The group posted on Facebook, “We always carry loads of gear, and with the force of the winches, were able to bring her out. We were completely astounded that she only really thought about feeding despite having four humans and numerous straps and other devices working on her.”

After working together for more than 45 minutes, the volunteers’ combined efforts were successful, and the young horse was let free!

“She appeared to be in pretty good overall shape, and would likely be dried off within an hour,” they wrote. “Her band had abandoned her, but I believe she will reunite soon.”

You can see the incredible rescue here!

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