Stray Dog Finds And Guard Collapsed Blind Elderly Woman By The River

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No one can doubt the fact that dogs are the most helpful creatures on earth. Furthermore, they do not know what selfishness means even if they are homeless, and this story is a great example!

Ake Srisuwan, a photographer from Thailand posted great photos on Facebook showing 2 stray dogs protecting an elderly woman in the dirt beside a river. The man saw the woman and 2 dogs, and thought they were playing or something like this, but after taking a closer look, he knew that she was hurt!


The photographer then knew that the woman, who is also blind, was homeless! She also chose to sleep by the river bank with these 2 great dogs! Seeing that, the man took the woman and dogs to a hospital looking for help.

Thankfully, the story of the woman went viral, which made the authorities help her by finding a home for her and her 2 dogs! What a happy ending!

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