Stray Dog Pulls Dying Woman From Car Wreckage And Saves Her

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Shannon Lorio is overcome with emotion whenever she recalls the tragic day she was nearly killed in a car accident. Shannon was driving down Georgia’s twisty rural roads on that fateful day when she lost control of her vehicle due to a sharp turn. Her car was hit, and her body was thrown 100 feet away from the main road into the nearby woods.

As a result of the collision, Shannon suffered significant brain damage and lost her ability to move. When a homeless German Shepherd passing by noticed her predicament, he dashed over to help her. He yanked on her immobile body, sensing the injured woman’s time was running out.

Shannon went in and out of consciousness for a few minutes as she felt her body being dragged out of the woods by the brave German Shepherd. When a motorist came across the disoriented woman laying on the side of the road, she knew the dog was nearby!

Shannon survived thanks to prompt ER treatment. As soon as she regained consciousness, she went in search of the dog who had single-handedly saved her life. Shannon finally found the dog after days of searching and proudly named him “Hero”!

Shannon brought Hero to the Humane Society, where dog trainer Heidy Drawdy fell in love with him. Heidy adopted him and is now training him to be a search and rescue dog, which he already knows! Hero, you did an amazing job!

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