The Air Force Is Looking For Loving Homes To Adopt Retire Military Dogs

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If you are looking for a new pet, animal rescue organizations are encouraging you to adopt and don’t shop. Simply because there are too many dogs on the streets that you can give a second chance in life. Many of them end up in the streets but they belonged to a family or a home in the past.

When it comes to dog adoption, the most difficult to find a forever home are the ones that are sick and those that are too old to do their job.

But the Air Force is convincing every dog lover to adopt their retired military working dogs.

The Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland is appealing to adoptive families to take their retired military dogs. These puppies, especially the ones who cannot proceed through their training program need a home.

Military dogs are well-trained in their respective fields. Also, they are equipped to protect their new family from danger. But despite these abilities, the Air Force explained that finding a home for these retired dogs who have been in the field is still difficult even though there is a lot of demand for the pups that did not become working dogs.

These retired dogs are very intelligent. In fact, they have finished their training program with flying colors. They also spent a lot of time with the military members. This is why you can use the dogs’ skills to protect your families if you decide to bring one home.

The 341st Training Squadron who works with the military working dogs explained that civilian law enforcement agencies, handlers, and the general public can adopt the dogs. The adoptions will take place at the 341st Training Readiness Squadron which will be help at the Lackland Air Force Base.

37th Training Wing MWD dispositions coordinator, Jerry Britt said that the dogs will be matched with their adopting families. Each of the dogs will be checked out for aggressiveness and also for its interaction with other people and other animals. Britt is now helping professor Robert Klesges from Tennessee who is adopting his second military working dog.

The professor adopted Fida who is a German Shepherd and was once a combat tracker for the Marines. Fida was also with the detection training team at the Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland. Fida is a very smart dog. She would do anything to protect her new family, in fact, he would also play with the kids. This is why the professor decided to bring Fida home in Tennessee.

According to the Air Force, the adoption process will end in two years. Each dog and adoptive family will have to go through a different process. The adopters need to make sure that they are able to meet the requirements needed to adopt the retired military dog.

The Air Force is hoping that their dogs that are up for adoption would be able to find their forever homes. Each dog deserves to have a family of their own. These military dogs did everything that they could, some even risked their lives, just to serve our country.

Adopting them and giving them a second chance in life is the least that we could do. If you are a dog lover and you are looking for your next pooch, choosing these retired military dogs will not be too difficult to consider.

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