The Baby Starts Crying, But The Little Dog Has The Exact Solution

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A crying baby can be a little panic-inducing, especially for first-time parent. Is the baby okay or does he need anything? Or is it just a baby being a baby? There are many ways to soothe an infant, as everyone reacts differently to different techniques. But wait until you see what gets the baby in the video below to stop crying.

The child starts to cry, but don’t worry mom and dad- the dog’s got this! As soon as the dog howled, the baby stopped crying and looked at it. But when the dog stops howling, the baby starts crying again.  Let’s try this again… The dog takes control of the situation with more howling.

And it works! Maybe it really is the dog interview to be a full-time babysitter!

With these types of skills, why not? He’s shown he’s more than capable of handling a crying baby.

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