The Hilarious Filly Thinks She’s A Lap Dog

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Every day, a variety of animals, both wild and tamed, come into contact with one another. Many people who own a variety of animals have discovered that these creatures, rather than remaining in large groups, are selective in the friendships that they form. Isn’t it the same as it is with humans? One of the most common friendships is that of horses and dogs. Given their commonalities, it is understandable that these animals form this sort of relationship in the majority of situations.

People like seeing this couple, which is evident in the audience’s reaction when they see the two creatures together. Because these two creatures spend so much time together, they tend to copy one other quite a bit. Most of the time, dogs imitate horses, but in the video you are about to view, it is quite the reverse. There is a horse, especially a young foal, that adores dogs and, presumably, the way they act.

I’m referring to Zinsser, the newborn foal. It turns out that this cute little horse was misled into thinking she was a little lap dog! And if you watch the video below, you’ll quickly see that when she falls down on her owner’s lap, she has to be one of the loveliest little horses you could ever wish to see, just don’t tell her! Her lovely owner must have told her a lie, since baby Zinsser is certain she is a baby dog instead!

You can also tell Zinsser is head over heels in love with her owner. I would consider myself quite fortunate to have a horse that loves me as much as Zinsser loves hers. She is really gorgeous, and I am confident that she will grow up to be one of the most adorable mares you have ever seen. What are your thoughts about Zinsser? Is your horse’s reaction similar? Please let us know in the comments!

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