The Lion Chases The Dog Like Prey But That Doesn’t Seem To Bother The Dog At All

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We’ve all heard of an unusual pair of animal friends. Some of these friends include so-called “enemies” such as cats and dogs. Of course, all of us animal lovers know that a deep relationship can overcome anything.

At a wildlife sanctuary in Wynnwood, Oklahoma, Boncop, an adult lion, befriends a dachshund named Abbie. It’s great to see the two animals licking each other affectionately and playing together. Occasionally a giant lion can flip over, allowing Abby to playfully “attack”. Just like regular cats and dogs.

Behind the scenes, Costodigger and Abby grew up together when they were about six months old. At the time, the difference in size wasn’t that noticeable.

Even more surprising is that Abby isn’t Boncop’s only friend. He is biased towards all dachshunds living in the park. In fact, this is quite normal because lions are very social animals.

All living things need love and friendship and we are very grateful for the care the people of this reserve put in their time and understanding for both French dogs and lions. This is a relation made in heaven.

It is not uncommon to see a lion being chased by a herd of small dogs one day. Check out this funny lion and pet video to see how this unusual lion makes an amazing friendship with these dogs. Meanwhile, people don’t get along with other people either!

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