The Lonely Husky Leaves His Yard And Runs To Embrace His Best Friend

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Messy resides in Thailand with his human, Oranit Kittragul. Audi, a Husky living across the street in the same area, spends the majority of the day by himself while his owner is at work. Being alone makes Audi feel a little depressed and anxious, and everytime Messy growls at Audi, it somehow helps Audi feel less lonely.

When Audi’s owner was leaving for work, she failed to lock the gate, and the dog ran outside to meet Messy for the first time. When Oranit witnessed the two embrace and welcome each other, she snapped a picture to post online.

Despite the fact that this was their first time meeting in person, they felt as though they had known each other forever. But because Audi is a nice guy, he was aware that he shouldn’t leave his yard for too long, so after saying hello to his pal, he hurried returned to his house. Messy, a yellow lab who resides in Thailand with his human companion Oranit Kittragul, is a good boy.

Messy has been doing an excellent job of consoling his neighbor Audi, a Husky who feels lonely and depressed while his human is away at work. Audi lives across the street. Whenever Audi barks and cries, Messy would bark and Audy would calm down, perhaps comforted at the thought that he is not alone.

Audi’s human once neglected to lock the gate, so Audi used the opportunity to meet Messy outside. This picture shows their first hug after meeting on the fence. Dogs make the most devoted pals, don’t they?

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