The Most Senior Dog In Rescue Given A Special Party For His 23rd birthday

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A Chihuahua dog called Bully recently turned 23 years of age. The dog, who has seen many things in his life, will surely never forget what happened in his 23rd birthday.

The dog was surrendered to a shelter when he was 21 after spending his whole life as a pet! Unfortunately, his previous owner became too old to take care of him, so, he took the dog to a project that rescues elderly dogs called The Mr. Mo.

The owner told Chris Hughes and his wife, who run the project, that the dog is a “big dog in a small dog’s body”. However, Hughes family found that the calm, gentle, independent, sweet, and naughty dog had not changed one bit.

The home was decorated in a great way in honor of the cute dog, who was born in 1999. Bully was really happy when he saw the decoration as he got a nap and treats, the 2 things he loves most! How awesome!

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