The Pony With The Broken Neck Now Has A Healthy And Beautiful Calf

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Many people judge each other as well as other creatures that society does not consider ‘beautiful’ or ‘worth’. It is very unfortunate that these people do not accept creatures with different appearances either because they were born to another person or because of an accident. Fortunately, there are people who like to rescue unsupervised abused horses.

One of them, Tom Lo Haven, made a beautiful gesture to save a horse from an unfortunate past. A pony named Bonnie broke her neck in a terrible car accident. She’s likely to be hit by a car and go to the butcher’s after this misfortune, but everything changed for the better when she was taken to Jillian McCulloch’s.

She is still kicking her neck down and to her side, but she is completely healthy. Gill did his best for Bonnie and treated her with her love and respect, and she couldn’t contain her excitement to hear that her Bonnie was pregnant. She said she had a perfectly healthy child and the two were happier than ever.

Watch the video below to learn more!

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