The Queen Of Elephants Final Photos Captured Weeks Before Passing Away

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Will Burrard-Lucas, a wildlife photographer, was able to have an incredible meeting with F_MU1 Queen of Elephants, in her final years of life in Tsavo, Kenya.

A project was already being embarked by Lucas in the area of Tsavo with the Tsavo trust photographing elephants. During his study of the area, he learned about the Queen of Elephants, F_MU1.

He was told that she is a very majestic creature and has a gentle temperament. Fortunately, Lucas found the Queen of Elephants after searching for several days. He said that she was old and skinny but she still had the feeling of striding forward.

Burrard-Lucas was able to take many photos of her despite the dangers of the environment she lived in. Sadly, the elephant died just weeks after the photographer met her and took these great pictures of her.

So, Lucas decided to put her photo on the cover of his book, Land of Giants, that speaks about the elephants living in Tsavo. How great she was!

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