The Zoo Is Closed Because Of The Snow, But The Camera Catches A Baby Elephant Losing It With Joy.

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Snow can cause many problems. From closing schools and streets to isolating people at home and delaying planes, bad weather often doesn’t bring such good news.

However, it is important to focus on the fun part of winter as well. And no one knows how to use it on a snowy day like the cute animals in the video below. Despite the weather-related closures, the animals at Oregon Zoo in Portland enjoyed playing in the huge snowdrifts, as you can see in this clip released by zoo officials.

You might expect some of these animals, like polar bears and penguins, to love the snow, but you might be surprised to learn that elephants also like to play in the snow. Perhaps this sight will remind you of the snowy days when schools were closed when you were a kid.

I’m sure you wouldn’t mind the road closures and flight delays. All you care about is playing in the snow with your friends. This is one of the best things you can see today! Watch the fun video below:

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