This Dog Is A “Tricycle” Of A Horse Family

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Animals of different species often get along with each other. Here in Just Something, we talked about a labrador who previously adopted nine ducklings and a goose that saved the lives of a lost puppy. This time we’ll tell you the fascinating story of a 2-year-old Dalmatian named Jack Sparrow, the third lap of an equestrian “family” of 9-year-old stallion Appaloosa Nevada and 5-year-old Napoleon. . Shetland Pony.

Just Something told Grete Hakvoort, founder of the Human & Horse Hotel, where Jack Sparrow, Nevada and Napoleon live. Although Nevada and Napoleon are not relatives, they live and act like real families, spend most of their time together and get along. Both are years older than Jack Sparrow, who became the third member shortly after arriving at the hotel.

“When Jack Sparrow first saw Napoleon as a puppy, he jumped at him because he thought Napoleon was his family, and since then he has always wanted to be around.” Hakufort told Just Something. Napoleon is really funny, has a strong temperament that lives up to his name, and behaves like a little king, but he loves to be together and do tricks together. ”

Jack Sparrow, Nevada, and Napoleon are in a loving relationship, close to each other despite their differences. What makes everything more beautiful is that they all have white fur with black spots. “They’re real friends and they like to play together, but sometimes they like Napoleon chasing after Jack,” Hackworth added.

This unlikely trio looks great and is a real example of how animals of different species can get along.

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