Tiger Mom Gives Her Cub A Good Clean In The River

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A rescued tigress was photographed giving her baby a bath in a series of heartwarming photos. The beautiful scenes took place in the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra, India, and they depict a caring mother cleaning her cub in the river.

Ninad Sane, a Mumbai-based amateur photographer, captured the moment on camera. The adorable scene was captured by the 26-year-old software tester who was in the right place at the right time!

Taking your children for a bath may be the most difficult part of your job as a parent. But, as it turns out, this also applies to animals, at least in the case of this mother tiger. Giving her baby a bath appears to be far more difficult than you might think. Nonetheless, she will not give up!

The mother has brought her baby into the river for other reasons, the child believes it is play time and continues to splash around while its mother tries to clean it. Ninad Sane, an amateur photographer, was present to capture the lovely moment on camera.

“I had been waiting for a long time to see the tiger mother and her cubs before they finally emerged going down to the river,” he said. “The mother was in the water with her cub, and it immediately began jumping around and splashing, similar to what a human child would do in water.”

But, like any other parent, the mother tiger is patient, so she lets her baby think it’s playtime instead of bath time!

Even though it only wanted to play, the mother kept control of it the entire time. “It was really sweet – the mother was very relaxed the whole time,” said the 26-year-old photographer. “She kept cuddling and kissing it after she had cleaned the baby tiger.”

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