Tigress Photographed Casually Walking Through The Woods With Her Five Adorable Cubs

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A stunning photograph of a tigress walking with her cubs has gone viral on social media, delighting animal lovers and conservationists alike. The “magical picture” is nothing more than wishful thinking, given that India’s tiger population was on the verge of extinction only a few years ago.

Parveen Kaswan of the Indian Forest Service, who is also a member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, shared a stunning photo of a unique scene. This female is possibly the first to be seen with five cubs. A tigress usually has two or three cubs at a time.

Prveen took to Twitter to say, “This is a magical picture.” With tigress, count the cubs. I’m well aware that only a small percentage of people will be elated after seeing this. Efforts are assisting in the recovery of this species from the brink of extinction.”

In 2014, the Indian government launched a successful conservation program. Since then, the tiger population has increased by over 33%. There are currently around 3,000 individuals residing in India’s wilderness. That’s more than 70% of the world’s tiger population, which is estimated to number around 4,000 individuals. India is “now one of the largest and most secure habitats of the tiger,” according to the country’s Prime Minister.

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