Tiny Wolf And Tiger Cubs Brought Together To Share The Endangered Species’ Unique Bond

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A wild encounter between a wolf and a tiger will almost certainly not be as cute. But, because these two adorable little fellas have known each other since they were a few weeks old, their bond is melting hearts all over the world.

These unlikely friends were brought together at the Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina when they were three months old, and they are about to begin their journey as animal ambassadors at The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species (TIGERS). These happy friends have grown up together since they were separated from their mothers at a young age in order to ensure their survival. Furthermore, they used the same milk formula.

Surprisingly, neither the baby tigers nor their timber wolf companions appear to be aware that they are supposed to be ancient foes. Nonetheless, they now happily pose for the cameras in their new home together. Despite the fact that the young wolves are nearly twice the size of their tiger friends (at least for the time being), they continue to play and chase each other as if they were still part of the litter.

“At the moment the tigers will have a size and weight disadvantage to their canine friends,” said Doc Bhagavan, the founder of T.I.G.E.R.S ” So that means that the wolves are a bit pushy with their tiger buddies in their shared environment. However, as I am sure you will have guessed, even though the wolves are bigger at three months, after another five months it will be the tigers who will be able to push the wolves around.”

Tiger cubs are expected to weigh up to 250lb when they reach one year of age, while wolves are expected to weigh around 180lb. It is the point at which they will be separated! “Even though they will have spent eight months together, they will have to be separated after that,” Bhagavan explained. “The size and species differences will become obvious.”

For the time being, the South Carolina sanctuary’s staff stated that they decided to combine these two different species ‘to better aid their interaction with humans.’

“They bonded so well and have grown so accustomed to each other,” Bhagavan said. “We surround the tigers with cuddly toys so they can make a nest, and the wolves are constantly trying to infiltrate and share that space with the tigers. It’s heartwarming to watch them now, knowing that in a few months, they won’t be able to see each other. It’s a sad thought, but they’ll have a good time together.”

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