Two Kings vs. One Giant Antelope

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Usually the antelopes that we often see in the vast grasslands. They are often shaped like a deer. because it is a pair of hoofed animals as well

They also have similar long horns. But in comparison, some antelopes are larger, similar to cows, because they belong to the cattle and buffalo families. They live in Africa. especially in wide grassland areas

For this reason Although it is larger than some deer. therefore unable to protect themselves from predators Although the predator is smaller than it. The Roan antelope, one of the largest species, measuring nearly 1.5 meters in height and almost 2.4 meters in length, is no different from a large predatory meal.

However, they could only run away. or to fight a predator with sharp fangs. Like this event in the Okavango Estuary. A battle between two lions and a Rhone Antelope has been recorded.

In the first The giant antelope was attacked until it fell to the ground. And the two savages tried to take down its giant prey like any other, but when they accidentally This antelope got up and started to crash. before the lion escapes

but unfortunately Previously, it was bitten by a lion on its hind legs, making it unable to run. and tried to walk away slowly, knowing that the lions Their prey might not be far, so they followed and waited for another attack.

shortly after As this Rhone Antelope lay down. Both lions rush into the attack But even then the Antelope did not give up. try to stand up and flicked into it at the lion. to drive away

However, nature has never been merciful. because in the end this antelope had exhausted himself and was unable to get up. until eventually falling prey to the lion

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