Two Police Officers Dramatically Saved A Horse From Barn Fire

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In Hilltown Township, Pennsylvania, two police officers heroically saved a horse from a fire. The rescue was captured on one of the officers’ body cameras, and it shows the brave men’s determination to save the trapped animal.

The Hilltown Township Police Department received a call on Thursday after a fire broke out at a farm just outside the city. Officers Matthew Reiss and Cristian Hanus arrived on the scene shortly after. By the time they arrived, everyone at the farm, including the horse, had been evacuated, with the exception of Phoebe, who became trapped inside the burning barn.

Officer Reiss rushed to rescue him without hesitation after learning from one of the farm’s workers that a horse was still imprisoned inside, while officer Hanus fellowed him behind. The brave officers went into the flames and, with the help of a horse trainer at the farm, managed to get Phoebe to safety. It wasn’t easy, though, because the horse became scared and confused and refused to leave, so the officers had to drag him out!

“She was definitely terrified,” Lena Obernesser, a riding instructor at the farm, told CBSNews. “The cops were fantastic, they jumped right in. When I saw the footage, I was in awe. Oh my God, thank God they’re here.”

Fortunately, both the horse and his rescuer survived with only minor injuries. The officers who were on their first mission, which involved animal rescue, claimed that adrenaline drove them straight to the burning barn.

“It was an absolute rush of adrenaline,” officer Reiss said. “Both he and I suffered minor injuries, and we were out there, so good work!” Officer Hanus stated, “The adrenaline was pumping. This will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the most memorable!”

You can see the dramatic scene here:

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