With pain in his heart he saw his dog’s eyes close forever and collapses next to him

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 A young man made a 10-minute video of his dog’s last day of life, since he was very old and put him to sleep, but before they did everything he liked, like eating chicken.

The death of a dog can be just as painful as that of a human loved one, and it is because they win the hearts of their owners with their beautiful and faithful friendship. For this reason, the owner of Cappuccino , a young man named Lauro Morales , shared on social networks the process he carried out before putting his puppy to sleep . With tears in his eyes, he no longer wanted him to suffer, so they did everything the canine liked, go for a ride in the car, take him to eat chicken, and even bathe and brush him and then fire him forever. The boy hugged his beloved through tears and stayed with him until the moment.

Fire your dog doing everything you liked

Not for nothing is it thought that man’s best friend is the dog , but it is also vice versa, there are responsible owners who give everything for their furry ones and are with them through thick and thin.

The video shared on TikTok by the user _victorcaudillo revealed how Lauro went through what would be one of the most difficult days of his life, saying goodbye to the most faithful dog that he loved at all times.

Cappuccino is unable to stand up in the 10-minute film, most likely due to his advanced age and illnesses. He first brushed and bathed him, having endless memories, while the canine, lying down, while the dog looked at his soul mate, massaging him and enjoying what would be his final caresses.

On a little bed on top of a board, she took him out to take him for the last walk; For this, the family came out and, crying, hugged him and told him how much they loved him and how much they would miss his presence in the home.
He took him for a ride in a truck, the canine in the back with other people, and it was then that they came for chicks and cookies, to give him his last meal. Cappuccino ate the food.

It was then that the most difficult moment arrived, the farewell. Lauro knew he’d hurt, but it wasn’t until he got there that endless memories from Cappuccino’s childhood came flooding back to him.

Friends forever!

They arrived at the vet and prepared the channeling , apart from 10 minutes for them to say goodbye. Lauro did not waste any second and hugged Cappuccino like never before “A lifetime of memories went through my mind” says the video.

According to the video, the canine felt a lot of peace and tranquility during the process because Lauro never left his side until his heartbeat stopped and his little eyes closed to cross the rainbow.
“Until the end, he slept in my arms, his heart and breathing becoming slower and quieter until everything stopped.”

It looks like the young man collapses into the body of the canine and said goodbye forever. Undoubtedly a moment of reflection for many, because, I wish, dogs were eternal, however, they have a shorter period of life and just like Lauro, many owners try to give their furry ones the best before leaving. We hope Morales’ heart heals and he remembers that he now has a guardian from heaven.


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