With The Help Of Mama Dog, Firefighters Save Her Puppies From Drain Hole

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Firefighters wouldn’t have been able to save 8 puppies from the drain hole without the assistance of the mother dog.

Erhan Erol, a resident from turkey called the firefighters for a rescue mission of puppies. 8 puppies were stuck after falling in a drainage canal in Bodrum, Mula. Mommy dog aided the firefighter man to rescue them from a drainage hole.

Thankfully, firefighters came in time and stop the water from rising, but they were unable to reach the 8 puppies stuck in the drainage hole. Then, the mother of puppies arrived there with one of the pups carrying on her canine.

Then, the firefighters came with a brilliant idea to reduce the mother canine’s size and let her pick up the puppies one by one. Thankfully the plan works and she gently picked one by one all of her puppies by her mouth and kept them in a safer place.

All of the puppies were taken out safely by the mother dog with the aid of firefighters within an hour. The love of mother dogs towards her puppies cannot be described in a word. She didn’t even frighten to risk her life to save her pups from the drainage hole.

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