Woman Goes To The Shelter To Save Dog On Death Row, But She Ends Up Saving Three Dogs

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Adoption is a lifesaver.

Shelly Blount saw a post about a dog about to be euthanized at the overcrowded Rowan County Animal Shelter in North Carolina and immediately called the shelter to try to save the dog. Thankfully, the dog had already been adopted, but Shelly decided to inquire if another dog was in danger.

Shelly called a friend and they drove four hours from Virginia to save a 5-year-old Chocolate Labrador named Caleb, who was next on the shelter’s list. “I’m going to go get him tomorrow.” He is the ONLY one who has received no inquiries. They said he was very sweet. She wrote, “I just walked past because he is almost six.”

When she arrived, she met two other dogs who were about to be euthanized and couldn’t leave them behind.

“I inquired about the number of animals you could adopt. They claimed that there was none. So I decided to get all three,” Shelly told The Dodo.

She hadn’t planned on adopting all three, but she loaded Caleb, Charisma, and Bella into her car for the trip home. “Caleb was so excited — he kept kissing from the back seat, and his tail was wagging so fast,” Blount said. “Bella was so happy to be held that she sat in my friend’s lap and didn’t move. My sweet little angel, Charisma, was literally hugging me and sleeping the entire ride.”

Wanting the best for all the dogs, she contacted a friend who owned a lab, and they adopted Caleb. He gets along well with his new sister, Kyra. He is described as a “76-pound lap dog,” and the family is overjoyed.

Bella found a home with Shelly’s boyfriend, and the two are inseparable. She recently went to the groomer to get a new look.

Charisma was rushed to the emergency vet because she was crying in pain. The vet said the sweet pup was pregnant and due the next week.

“She is still extremely lethargic, but I believe this is normal due to her pregnancy. She is extremely clingy to me. Has to be touching me at all times,” Shelly wrote. Shelly was there to help deliver the puppies, and the pair formed a strong bond.

Charisma is now the proud mother of seven cute puppies. Everyone is doing well, and Shelly keeps posting updates on mama and the puppies. “Well, I figured it out. We have four boys and three little girls!”

She set out to save one dog but ended up saving ten. Thank you for rescuing and adopting dogs on death row.

There are millions of dogs and cats in shelters waiting to be adopted. Please think about getting a pet or two. They will express their appreciation through unconditional love and affection. Adopt instead of shopping!

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