Woman rescued a kitten that was sitting on the edge of the Texas bridge and could fall at any moment

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A woman rescued a kitten from a dangerous situation.

The four-legged sat on the edge of the bridge and could fall at any moment.

Nicole Toney was driving home during her lunch break when she saw something on the edge of the bridge.

The woman admitted that she doubted whether it was a bird or a kitten, but the second option turned out to be correct.

She decided to go back and carefully take the four-legged one off, despite the fact that she was very afraid. “He was sitting right on the ledge, so I was very afraid that he might jump off,” the woman recalled.

“I had to get really close to the edge because I wanted to grab him, so he wouldn’t jump or back off. I took him by the neck to immobilize and pull him out,” – said Nicole Toney.

The woman could not leave the kitten and took it home.

“We always joke that our house is like a zoo, so we have to qualify for the status of a non-profit organization. We have so many animals,” Toney added.

It is known that she and her husband have 5 dogs and 2 cats, including a cat, which the woman rescued from the bridge and named Ducky.

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