Woman Steals Money From Bedridden 94-Year-Old Veteran

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Apparently, even the old aren’t safe from the whims of pilferers.

A lot of people tend to see old people and accord them some form of respect. It could be because of their age, it could be because of their frail appearance. It could even be because of whatever it is they’ve done for the society. Regardless of the reason, the elderly ones among us tend to be seen as fragile, and even the most agitated among us tend to go easy on them.

Well, almost all of us, anyways.

In Georgia, a woman was caught in the act of taking money from the purse of a Navy veteran.

Surveillance cameras caught the act and in the footage, we see the frail veteran, a man whose name is Thomas Hendrix and who is about 94 years old. Hendrix is seen escorting a family and showing them around his home, and the woman is seen perusing the house, and she appears to be invested in checking it out.

At one point, the woman approached the vet and asked him for directions to the bathroom as she wanted to ease herself.

While she stayed behind (presumably heading to the bathroom), she waited for everyone to leave where she was, then she sprung into action. After a little bit of searching, she was able to find two wallet belonging to the elderly man. She approached them and picked up the first one.

Acting quickly, she picked it up, counted all of the money that was inside of it, took some of the money, and put it safely hidden away. She moved on to the other wallet, but upon opening and looking all through it, she found out that it was just empty. From there, she walked back to the first wallet, opens it again, and takes even more cash from it.

The woman stuffed all of the money into her bra, then she made for the bathroom. Upon entering the restroom, she just flushes the toilet and comes right back out (obviously, she was trying to create the illusion that she was actually in the toilet the whole time so as to serve as her alibi). All of this happens, and nobody was able to even suspect her.

A clean job, isn’t it?

Neal DeLoach, the officer who is in charge of taking care of the elderly vet, stated that upon arriving at the scene, he could sense that there was something missing from the home. He remembers being incredibly outraged when he checked the surveillance video ad fund out what the woman had done.

“I was really mad when I saw the footage and saw that some woman just came in and started stealing his money, but I knew that there was something wrong because I could immediately sense it as I walked into his home,” he said in an interview with Inside Edition.

DeLoach went on to put the video on his social media pages and as you can guess, the woman came forward out of shame. She stated that her name is Heather Weldon.

“Please, I did not steal from the old man. All of this is a simple misunderstanding,” Heater posted as a comment on the video.

However, police officers in Douglas, GA told Inside Edition that they had already put out an arrest warrant for Heather.

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