Zoo Was Forcibly Closed Due To Snow, But The Camera Captures Polar Bear Having Time Of His Life

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Going to the zoo to see all the beautiful animals is a fun and exciting experience for visitors, but have you ever wondered what it’s like to be behind a glass partition? It can be irritating and annoying when you have to spend all day with people looking at you and telling you to do something.

Zoo animals have no days off, let alone vacation. But on that rare occasion, whenever the zoo is closed to visitors, they try to live every moment to the fullest. Well, at least the polar bear in the video below did just that after the zoo he now lives in was forced to close due to heavy snow.

After the heavy snowfall, the Oregon Zoo was forced to close, but polar bears and a few other arctic animals that love the cold and snow took advantage of it. They had a lot of fun! As you can see from this scene shot by zoo staff, the animals really did their best to play and have a good time.

Take a look:

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